Alliance and Delivery Partners

IDP has relationships with a range of organizations that are leaders in their respective fields. For Projects warranting a wider resource pool of trusted experts, IDP has formed a strategic alliance with Aquatera and Marine Space. This alliance is based on long-standing relationships and a proven ability to work well together on complex projects, bringing together both marine and terrestrial expertise.

Alliance partners

  • Aquatera specialises in the management of interactions with, and impacts on, the environment. Aquatera delivers complementary environmental services and products that:

    • Address strategic planning issues at the international, national and local project level
    • Combine deep scientific and technical understanding of the environment with state-of-the-art public and stakeholder communications expertise
    • Enable full Impact Assessment and surveying capabilities to aid management of the potential impacts of a project on the environment, and of the environment on the project
    • Provide integrated support for the full lifecycle of renewables projects, wider energy developments and other industrial ventures, from initial concepts through to decommissioning

    With their core focus upon the environment, they will ensure that any policy, plan or project meets the highest standards of stewardship and stakeholder expectations, whilst also working for the overall success of the particular scheme.

  • MarineSpace has extensive experience in providing support to clients aiming to develop projects in the marine environment.  MarineSpace applies this experience and knowledge to deliver:

    • Advice
    • Guidance
    • Project Management
    • EIAs
    • Monitoring plans
    • Licences and permits
    • Project lifecycle management.

    Their principal aim is to facilitate client developments whilst ensuring that the sensitivities of the marine environment are properly considered.

  • Enviro-Insight is a terrestrial biodiversity, aquatic science, general ecology and environmental science consultancy providing scientific services to the mining, development, tourism, energy, conservation and agricultural sectors. Enviro-Insight has operated within the African Continent for almost 10 years and has specialist services that include:

    • Specialist biodiversity guidance for projects, notably in terms of meeting IFC Performance Standard 6
    • Ecological studies, wetland delineations, red data species surveys, critical habitat evaluations, ecology management plans, ecology monitoring programmes
    • Ecosystem services assessment
    • Wildlife related safety training (large game and dangerous snakes)
    • Anti-poaching & wildlife security services

    Enviro-Insight has signed a MoU with Groundwater Consulting Services (GCS) who have extensive experience in the field of water management. GCS’s experiences include water resource assessments, storm water management, water balance optimisation, waterflow and quality modelling, mine dewatering, environmental geochemical assessments, contaminated land investigations, hydrocarbon soil and groundwater monitoring and waste characterisation.

Delivery partners

  • CEG applies expertise in economics and finance to address competition, regulation, disputes and transaction issues. Utilizing up-to-date economic and finance theory and quantitative techniques, CEG experts:

    • Prepare reports
    • Provide input into client submissions
    • Advise on case strategy
    • Provide testimony and presentations before government agencies, courts and arbitral tribunals across the globe.

    CEG's capabilities in energy combine industry insights with application of financial and analytical skills. Taken together, CEG helps clients understand the value of assets in transactions and the overriding issues in litigation.

  • Global Unmanned Systems (GUS) specialises in providing clients from primarily the resources (energy and minerals) industries with drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services and applications. These include:

    • Environmental and social baseline data acquisition for use in route selection and facility siting studies, Impact Assessment and monitoring
    • Safety, security and surveillance
    • Emergency response planning and management
    • Mining, exploration and quarrying surveying

    These services are delivered through deployment of a range of UAV aircraft and systems sourced and adapted to meet specific job specifications.

    GUS supplies, operate and maintain UAVs with integrated cameras and/or measuring and monitoring equipment, provide fully certified UAV pilots with all relevant approvals, and collect, analyse and report on the data collected.

    A key feature of the systems used by GUS is that they can be operated in remote and challenging locations where traditional remote sensing methods are either not possible or severely compromised, for example, as a result of persistent cloud cover.

  • GAS Heritage is a Mozambican registered company that has been operating in Mozambique since 2009. Services provided by in-house specialist and associates provide comprehensive Heritage Impact Assessment Reports addressing the full heritage spectrum, including history and archaeology assessments.

    GAS Heritage’s in-house experts enables them to provide response and implementation as required by their clients GAS Heritage has also developed projects and provided consultancy work for companies outside of Mozambique.

  • ILF is one of the world’s leading engineering and consulting services firm that renders all design and consulting services required for the development and realization of complex industrial and infrastructure projects. They offer their clients comprehensive engineering and consulting services throughout the project cycle including:

    • Consultancy
    • Design and planning
    • Procurement
    • Construction supervision
    • Start-up
    • Project management
    • Special services

    ILF can work as the owner's engineer as well as for contractors, banks and investors and also participates in turnkey projects and Private-Public-Partnership models.

  • Impacto is a Mozambican company that offers services in the following areas:

    • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
    • Environmental Management Plans
    • Resettlement Plans
    • Socio-economic Studies Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Public Consultation
    • Training and Capacity Building Programmes

    They offer services in a range of fields, including energy, oil and gas, petroleum and fuels, mining and industry, roads and bridges, ports and railways, rivers, dams, hydrographical basins, power transmission lines, agriculture, forestry and tourism. Impacto has successfully carried out more than 300 environmental impact assessments, all approved by the ex-Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Action and newly created Ministry for Land, Environment and Rural Development, in strict compliance with the quality standards demanded in Mozambique and at international level.

  • Lwandle Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a 57% black owned, BB-BEE company launched on 1 November 2003. It brings together a management team with over 50 years of experience in the field of physical oceanography, marine ecology, marine biology and biogeochemistry.

    An ISO 9001 certification from SGS Systems & Services Certification for professional services ensures Lwandle’s commitment to provide high levels of customer satisfaction with an effective system that pass the rigours of an independent, external audit.

    Lwandle provides multifaceted capabilities and provides services that include physical MetOcean measurements, Marine/estuarine water & sediment quality assessments, Marine/ coastal ecological and biological survey and measurement, Marine and coastal aquaculture development, Hydrographic surveys, Marine environmental monitoring, and provision of specialist studies in these disciplines to Marine and coastal Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans.

  • LPD Risk Management provides clients with world-class expertise in designing and implementing security risk management, logistics and related services. LPD provides a mutually complementary range of services, including:

    • Consultancy
    • Operations
    • Intelligence
    • Pathfinder
    • Training
    • Logistics

    With personnel drawn from high-level military, PSC, legal and academic backgrounds, LPD has the knowledge and experience to support specific requirements in a variety of industries

  • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants are one of the world's leading strategy consultancies, assisting clients with wider strategic analyses of specific markets, including commodity and product market assessments. Their services cover the entire range of management consulting from strategic advice to successful implementation including:

    • New leadership and business models
    • Innovative processes and services
    • M&A, private equity and restructuring
    • Management support on large infrastructure projects

    Roland Berger advises major international industry and service companies as well as public institutions.

  • SHAPE Consulting Limited specializes in Strategic Health Analysis, Planning and Execution to Clients and Projects in the Natural Resources and Extractive Industry.

    Shape offer three specific core work streams:

    • Community health
    • Occupational health and risk management
    • Health management

    By applying their experience and broad range of skills, Shape are able to support projects in Occupational Health, Emergency Care, Community Health and a variety of Health Programmes, worldwide.